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Bariatric Surgery: What to Expect

Pre-op Preparation

Schedule a Private Consultation

Your surgical weight-loss process begins when you contact our office staff. They will first determine if you are a candidate for bariatric surgery, then review your insurance coverage questions. You can contact us:

Via email at weightloss@lapsf.com
By phone at 808-561-5511
Or complete our online registration form to be contacted by our staff

If our staff determines that you are a candidate for weight-loss surgery, they will then arrange an appointment with Dr. Cirangle, and put you in contact with our insurance department if necessary.

You can trust Dr. Cirangle to provide you with truly specialized care. During your consultation, he will evaluate your specific weight condition, address any of your concerns, and discuss the different bariatric surgeries, helping you determine the one that is right for you.

Patient Support Options for Bariatric Surgery

In the weeks before your surgery, we encourage you to learn more about bariatric surgery for obesity. You may find it helpful to connect with and learn from others who are anticipating (or have had) bariatric surgery through our Patient Support Groups. They offer a detailed perspective on surgical weight loss.

Undergoing Your Bariatric Surgery Procedure

We understand the uncertainties that may accompany you to the hospital the day of your procedure. However, you should take comfort in the fact that Dr. Cirangle is among the world's most experienced Bariatric Surgeons, and the laparoscopic surgery technique upon which he relies is the safest and least invasive method for performing these delicate procedures.

Depending on the specific bariatric surgery you choose, procedures take anywhere from 45 minutes to four hours. All of our weight loss surgeries are laparoscopic. This technique requires 4-6 small incisions (1/4 inch) to access the abdominal cavity. Dr. Cirangle performs the laparoscopic procedures using long, slender instruments, monitoring their delicate work with the aid of an advanced camera system that illuminates the abdominal cavity.

Learn more about the laparoscopic technique employed in our bariatric weight-loss surgeries. At The Surgical Weight Loss Center of HawaiiSM, we perform a complete range of bariatric surgeries customized to meet your individual weight-loss needs:

* LapBand
* Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass
* Duodenal Switch
* Vertical Gastrectomy/Gastroplasty


Recovering from Your Bariatric Surgery

Because the laparoscopic technique is minimally invasive, most bariatric patients are ready to leave the hospital within a day or two after their operations. Patients who undergo bariatric surgery with Dr. Cirangle recover faster, with fewer post-op complications.

Your New Diet After Bariatric Surgery

Adhering to a carefully monitored low-calorie diet is essential to ensuring your safe recovery and effective weight-loss results. No matter what procedure you choose, The Surgical Weight Loss Center of HawaiiSM will help you design a comprehensive, low-calorie meal plan to meet your changing post-op dietary needs.

Learn more about some of our popular low-calorie weight-loss surgery recipes.

Achieving Permanent Weight Loss

The Surgical Weight Loss Center of HawaiiSM understands that the first years following your bariatric surgery are an important period of adjustment - both physically and mentally. Successful, permanent weight-loss occurs as a gradual process, and we will be there to help you along the way. That's why we schedule routine follow-up appointments to carefully monitor the drastic weight loss brought on by your new diet.

Contact our office to speak directly with a weight-loss specialist at 808-561-5511 or toll free at (866) WLS DOCS

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Bridget I.
- Dr. Cirangle is fantastic. My initial consultation went great. My surgery went great. I'm looking forward to working with him for the next 3 years. I highly recommend him for the lap-band procedure.
Harley F.
"I felt Dr. Cirangle was the first person I have ever met that understood me and offered a permanent solution. His integrity was impeccable. Both he and his staff were always prompt and courteous. I really can't think of anything I don't like about him - I would rate him a 10 out of 10."
Jill W.
"Dr Cirangle is a young surgeon who I have total confidence in - for a nurse to say this is a good thing! He was easy going but very informative. He really seems to care and is very good with his patients. He is down to earth and you can actually tell he loves his job, and that is a big plus for me."