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  Contact our office to speak directly with a weight-loss specialist at 808-561-5511.

Weight-Loss Surgery: Do It for Health. Do It for Family. Do It for Life.

When you choose to have weight-loss surgery with The Surgical Weight Loss Center of HawaiiSM, you're doing more than taking control of your weight - you're taking control of your life. Better health. Greater Energy. More quality time with the people that mean the most to you. Affordable, safe, and effective - weight-loss surgery puts all of this easily within your reach.

Over the past 10 years, Dr. Paul T. Cirangle has been committed to providing Hawaiians with a wide range of weight-loss surgeries using advanced laparoscopic techniques. These minimally invasive procedures mean smaller incisions and smaller scars, so you recover from your surgery more quickly and experience very little pain. Entrust your surgery to a recognized leader in the field, right here in Hawaii, and experience the peace of mind that comes with being surrounded by loved ones while you go about the business of changing your life.

At The Surgical Weight Loss Center of HawaiiSM, we perform a complete range of bariatric surgeries customized to meet your individual weight-loss needs:

* LapBand
* Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass
* Duodenal Switch
* Vertical Gastrectomy/Gastroplasty

In addition to providing the best and safest surgical weight-loss solutions available, we also feature a total care support system including Obesity Surgery Seminars, Patient Support Groups, as well as a Chat Room.

And with an expert staff dedicated to minimizing your out-of-pocket costs for these life-saving procedures, there's no longer a question of whether you can afford to have weight-loss surgery. The question becomes, can you afford not to? We invite you to explore our site and learn about these weight-loss procedures and how they can make you healthy, happy, and - most importantly - live a longer and fuller life.

Contact our office to speak directly with a weight-loss specialist at 808-561-5511 or toll free at (866) WLS DOCS

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Bridget I.
- Dr. Cirangle is fantastic. My initial consultation went great. My surgery went great. I'm looking forward to working with him for the next 3 years. I highly recommend him for the lap-band procedure.
Harley F.
"I felt Dr. Cirangle was the first person I have ever met that understood me and offered a permanent solution. His integrity was impeccable. Both he and his staff were always prompt and courteous. I really can't think of anything I don't like about him - I would rate him a 10 out of 10."
Jill W.
"Dr Cirangle is a young surgeon who I have total confidence in - for a nurse to say this is a good thing! He was easy going but very informative. He really seems to care and is very good with his patients. He is down to earth and you can actually tell he loves his job, and that is a big plus for me."